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An invitation to new members:

CIRA welcomes new members whose social consciousness and philosophies are consistent to those advocated by REALTIST®

Membership entitles you to the following benefits and opportunities:

Share in the knowledge and experience of Real Estate Professionals in their quest for profitable real estate business

Networking with members of the real estate industry who are concerned with expanding affordable housing opportunities

Networking with members of the real estate industry who are concerned with expanding affordable housing opportunities

Educational Seminars and workshops focusing on loan programs, underwriting guidelines, current housing legislation and trends in the real estate industry

Community Housing Outreach Participation

Loan officers are automatically part of the Lender Council

Other affiliate members are also given an opportunity to participate in community outreach

National connection with NAREB® which leads to expanded business opportunities

Central Indiana REALTIST® Association (CIRA) Membership

National Association of Real Estate Brokers® (NAREB®) membership


CIRA Mission Statement

The Central Indiana REALTIST® Association Mission is “To Serve the Underserved.” We seek to accomplish this goal through 4 initiatives.

The expansion of the Central Indiana REALTIST® Association Chapter: Our expansion will provide an army of committed real estate professionals to take up the cause and spread the good works, information and opportunity for success.

The legacy of home ownership is still a new concept in much of our community. While other communities have learned from generations the ins and outs of home ownership, our community has been left as renters and tenants. Homeownership provides a community with pride and vesting in the future of that community. Our goal is to educate our community to the benefits and responsibilities of homeownership.

The greatest of all our abilities is the ability to serve others. Our goal is to utilize the combined knowledge, resources and compassion of the Central Indiana REALTIST® Association to serve the needs of our community. We want to be a resource in the community for the vital services that are lacking and are so devastating to our neighborhoods and families.

Finally the Central Indiana REALTIST® Association wants to be a conduit for area real estate professionals to network and build success both professionally and personally. Each success nourishes the community and each of us.

Members of NAREB® are called “Realtist”, a term which incorporates the many disciplines represented. Although composed principally of African-Americans, the “REALTIST” organization embraces all qualified real estate practitioners who are committed to achieving the ideals of our vision which is “Democracy in Housing”.