Maria Kanger, MIBOR Member-At-Large

Central Indiana Realtist Association

It is the mission of the Central Indiana Realtist Association (CIRA) to improve the quality of life of the unserved and the underserved, by promoting home ownership and providing real estate services that support this goal. It is also our mission to enhance the economic development of our members and the community we serve.

CIRA is a charter member of the National Association of Real Estate BrokersĀ® (NAREB), the oldest and largest minority trade real estate organization.

Central Indiana Realtist Association

National Association of Real Estate Brokers, Inc.(NAREB) was founded in Tampa, Florida in 1947, making it the oldest minority trade association in America. NAREB was established by African-American real estate professionals as an alternative for African-Americans who were excluded from the National Association of Realtors (NAR).

These real estate professionals came together for the express purpose of the mutual sharing of knowledge and experience to improve the performance in the real estate industry profession.

NAREB members are calledĀ realtists (rather than realtors) and represent all professional disciplines within the real estate industry, including residential and commercial real estate agents and brokers, loan officers, mortgage brokers, title companies, appraisers, insurance agents, and developers.

NAREB was founded on a philosophy that even today, is a beacon of excellence, forever guiding and preparing membership to meet the challenges of each new tomorrow.